2.5 years and up
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  • Session overview

    What happens on a Monday?
  • Nature school

    Mondays are all about nature school!  We’ll spend the whole day in the nature garden, and around the Orchard.  We stay outdoors in most weathers, but if it gets really bad, we’ve got the large hall for some serious indoor playtime.

    • Nature school day
    • Regular outings, including Yarner Wood
    • Mixture of creative and physical play
    • Stories and songs
    • Individual attention for each child
    • Ages:
      2 - 5 years old
    • Class Size:
      16 children
    • Pricing:
      £4.75 / hour
    • Session time:
      8.30am - 4.00pm
    • Lunch
      Pack lunch at 12.30
  • How can I sign my child up?

    • Our three year old absolutely LOVES the pre-school. He has so much fun, it’s hard to get him to come home at the end of the day!

    • My son loved attending Orchard Pre-School and still talks about it now 2 years on, he especially loved the Mervin ‘the music man’ sessions. He would always come home covered in mud, paint, glue what ever he could find and was extremely pleased with himself!

    • I love the idea that our children get to play in the lovely nature garden, and no matter what the weather, they come home with big smiles on their faces!

  • A typical Monday

    Every day is different at our pre-school, and each day we work on helping children learn, play, and explore using a range of techniques.  We also take in to account the individuals, and if an activity isn’t what your child is in to (on that day!), there’s always something else going on.

    • 0930
      Children arrive
    • 0945
      Start of activities
    • 1030
      Healthy snacks and drinks
    • 1045
      Physical play
    • 1130
      Focused activity on today's theme
    • 1200
      Story circle
    • 1230
      Lunch time (bring a pack lunch)
    • 1300
      Free play
    • 1330
      Focused play based on today's theme
    • 1430
      Home time
  • Want to see a different day?

  • Questions and Answers
    Are there any requirements to join?

    We are able to take all children over 2 years old. If your child has any special requirements, please talk to us.

    What does my child need to bring?

    Your child will need a change of clothes, appropriate outdoor clothing including raincoat, wellies and sunhat.

    They should also bring their pack lunch with them, although drinks are provided, as are snacks.

    Will they need a change of clothes?

    Absolutely. We encourage messy play, which includes with mud and water, so a change of clothes is essential, as is a raincoat and a sunhat.

    How are the classes planned?

    The staff plan some activities in advance, but our style is a mix of structured and unstructured play, so things may change as it goes along. We always try and meet all elements of the early years and foundation stage curriculum during the day.

    Do children have to join in?

    The children in pre-school have a range of activities to choose from, and can join in with group activities, or choose to do something else on their own or in a small group. No child is left out, and there is always a choice.

    What should I include in the pack lunch?

    Children at our pre-school are very active, so they’ll be hungry for lunch. It’s up to you what you provide, but you can find guidance here